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scans_daily theme weeks!
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Welcome to the very experimental sd_weeks community!

Right now, things are jus being thrown together, any and all suggestions can be e-mailed to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Mod memphis_letters at the above e-mail or as a comment in her journal or whatever.

Here's the rules so far:

1. Do not be a jerk
2. Seriously
3. Anything goes so long as you follow rules #1 and #2
4. THIS COMMUNITY IS SLASH/HET FRIENDLY. In fact your mod's entire computer station has been designated a Safe Space by her local GLBTU. I do not tolerate intolerance that is not completely ironic or sarcastic in nature. See rule #3.

And here's how I see this community running (subject to change):

1. A post for suggestions of theme weeks will continually be posted.
2. A poll with the suggestions will be posted bi-weekly. We don't want every week to be a theme week, or do we? E-mail me with suggestions.
3. The winner(s) of the poll will be the upcoming "week" So let's say I post the poll on Wednesday, the following Sunday the theme week will begin.
4. The losing suggestions can and will be recycled.
5. In case of ties, it can be both weeks at once, don't fret.
6. Even if your suggestion doesn't win, and you had specific scans in mind, post them on scans_daily anyway! This is just for fun and organization!

Right now we are in testing stages, so things are very fluid (as I am constantly revising everything I see wronf with the info as you read this). I'm leaving posting right now to mod posts only, want to be a mod? E-mail me and tell me why with the following info:

How I think I can make this community rock out loud:
Why I want to help you mod:
Why the caged bird sings:

Peace Out!

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